Overwhelmingly the feedback on the conference was positive and constructive. To get an unbiased feedback we made sure the feedback form was anonymous.

Feedback from Participants of Educators and Leadership Conference 2017 For Ralueke Parkin

1.      The training has been very educative and interactive.  I have gained a lot.

2.      Opportunity to pay by installments, Prompt & useful communications

3.      The conference gave me the opportunity to visit the National Space Centre which I have longed for all my life. It has equipped me with a lot of understanding of what happens in space

4.      Good organisation, perfect timing and inspiring tour. The adventure into space was very interesting

5.      The program was well organised, the course and sessions are quite beneficial and meet my expectations.

6.      I feel at home because of the warm reception and attitude of the organizers. A few African dishes here and there would be quite nice

7.      Rich course outlines and covers areas with direct impact and application to our immediate environment

8.      Breakfast is excellent both in content and timing. There should be proper Nigerian dishes for launch and maybe dinner

9.      Excellent reception, amazing and timely response, payment  and courtesy

10.  Customer service was amazing, You are very warm and accessible. You kept the communication line open all through.

11.  You accommodated our needs as travelers.

12.  The organisation, facilitators, venue, accommodation and choice of courses were excellent

13.  General support of Insight Africa UK to meet our social needs and Ral’s handy presence

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