I am interested in Summer School, Cultural or Exchange Programmes
How much are your workshops?

We have standard workshops at set prices. Please contact us for further details. We are also aware that different organisations have different needs. Our bespoke workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements

We want to partner with/sponsor/support Insight Africa UK

We are pleased to hear that. Please contact us here

How many people can a workshop accommodate?

The number will vary depending on the specific workshop.

To help us achieve our aim we recommend a maximum of about 30 for most workshops. Some workshops can accommodate larger groups. Contact us to find out more

I am curious to know more about your workshops but not sure if this is what I need

Please feel free to contact us for a free discussion and if required a no obligation quote

How do I book a workshop?

Please fill in the contact us form or send us an email and we will be in touch to discuss further. You can also ring 07890010893

What if we decide to cancel?

Please contact us as soon as you can so we can discuss what your options are

I am interested in sponsoring a workshop

Great. Please contact us here. For sake of accountability we will give account and a report to you after the workshops

I home school my child. Can I book your workshop

Yes you can. You can book any of our workshops

I am interested in your workshop and want to book for a community event

Yes you can book a workshop for a school, group or community event.

How can I pay for the workshop?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or bank transfer. We are only able to accept credit card and debit card payments through PayPal.

I am interested in the Exchange programme. Please explain more

Please contact us for more information

Can I select which workshops to book as I am not interested in all the workshops?

Yes you can. Feel free to contact us with details about the specific workshops you require

Got a question that's not already listed? We can answer that for you